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DJ: metalstar1
Location: Los Angeles, CA

Hello everyone thank you for listening to my radio station my name is Carlos and i'm from Los Angeles U.S.A. I got into Metal when i was 13 years old when i saw the video "Poison" by Alice Cooper on MTV i thought it was the most awesome video i had ever seen i completely forgot about Michael Jackson and all the pop music and started checking out other bands like Skid Row, Cinderella, Def Leppard, Scorpions, Motley Crue and i thought these music is killer. I still love all this bands but i also love all the power metal that is coming out bands like Hammerfall, Stratovarius, Rhapsody, Helloween, Kamelot, are so awesome they are keeping the true metal alive. Now i'm 29 years old and still banging my head. I hope you enjoy all the metal that i'll be playing.
Favorite Artists

Andy B. Frank
Singer of Brainstorm and Symphorce one of my favorite singers a very powerful voice and melodic voices.

Joacin Cans
The singer from Hammerfall and Cans to me i think he has the most beautiful metal voice he is the best power metal singer.

kai Hansen
Awesome singer i really love the way he sang with Helloween amazing screams.

rob Halford
When i think of metal i think of Rob Halford he has the most killer metal voice of all. The way metal should be Sang.

Sean Peck
Singer from Cage Almost as great as Rob Halford amazing singer.

Favorite Albums

AC/DC - Back In Black
The best metal cd of all times it has already sold over 20 million cds every song is amazing pure good time metal.

Hammerfall - Legacy Of Kings
My favorite metal band this cd rocks every song is amazing pure power metal at its best.

Cage - Darker Than Black
One of my favorite cds it reminds me of Painkiller a truely masterpiece Sean Peck has a killer voice.

Tierra Santa - Tierras De Leyenda
Every cd from Tierra Santa is great but this one is amazing. The whole cd is full of epic tales and old legends "the mummy" "Pandora's box" "the tower of Babel" "sodoma and gomorra" all the songs are great.

Rhapsody - Legendary Tales
The best symphonic epic power metal cd it is a sensational masterpiece.

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