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house music online from MGZC Radio on Live365 Internet Radio
DJ: DJ Emilio
Location: Cary, NC

Since the late 1980's, MGZC Media has been producing music that’s as interesting and engaging while being an unidentifiable mix of jazz, hip hop, new age, and pop featured on numerous web sites. During the same period MGZC Media established itself by performing live DJ sets and part-time-fill-in-musician work with various musical acts. The MGZC Media studio-produced track "Perfect Love", was sold to producer Vito Bruno who used it for free-style dance artist, Noel. Many obscure musicial gems that were found in various CD store "junk bins" were mixed on compilations for restaurants and swank clubs. The incredible mixing sessions lead to the creation of MGZC Radio. MGZC Media is musically now melding various styles (funk, dance, electronica, pop, Latin, country, R&B, techno, chill out) with releases now available on iTunes, CD Baby,, and other online and brick-and-mortar music outlets under the project names Samann, Nojom, Orquesta Tambora, Naturally Artificial and World Dance Orchestra. Video productions soon followed which have been critically acclaimed by web video critics and web surfers.
Favorite Artists

Chilled grooves.

Techno with a groove

World Dance Orchestra
Makes the world dance.

Giorgio Moroder
Father of electro-dance

Fathers of electronic music.

Favorite Albums

Samann - Essential
Best of Samann.

Nojom - Lana
The international smash.

World Dance Orchestra - Progress In Work
The premiere!

Giorgio Moroder - From Here To Eternity
Classic and ground-breaking!

Art Of Noise - Seduction of Claude Debussy
Taking it to another level.

Favorite Broadcasters

Smooth Soul
The smoothness is soulful.
Chilled to the bone!

B-Side Gourmet
Chill, Jazz, Reggae, Latin

Classic Hip-Hop Lab
Vintage Classic Hip-Hop

WEPN 97.5 FM
Sports nation!

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