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worldbeat music online from Best of Putumayo on Live365 Internet Radio
DJ: mitch hellman
Location: Silver City, NM

AIM: MitchHellman
I'm a lover of eclectic music. Years ago I bought the first Putumayo disk-- now I own them all. Every month or so Putumayo releases one or more new disks, and I buy them and add them to this playlist as soon as I can.
Favorite Artists

Oliver Mtukudzi
Has a beautiful voice, a soulful delivery, and a gentle spirit.

Alison Brown
Former financial wiz who decided to leave the rat race and play banjo.

Rita Ribiero
Lovely, sweet singer.

Manu Chao
The King of Bongo Bong!

Favorite Albums

Various Artists - ¡Salsa!
A hip-shaking music collection featuring many of the hottest salsa bands in North and South America.

Various Artists - India
A captivating musical masala featuring mesmerizing vocals and gentle beats.

Various Artists - African Reggae
Cultures converge on this jammin’ collection of reggae beats from Africa, which celebrates Bob Marley’s 64th birthday and his lasting impact on African music.

Favorite Broadcasters

Xavier is my saviour!

Party girl with brains!


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