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classic jazz music online from Aussie Dixieland Ragtime on Live365 Internet Radio
DJ: aussie_mike
Location: San Diego, CA

I'm an Aussie now back in San Diego, California with my lovely wife Suzie. We met some years ago at the annual Australian Jazz Convention in Adelaide, South Australia. A long-time fan of Dixieland/Trad Jazz and Ragtime, I had my own Public Broadcast Radio Show back in West Australia for about 10 years, broadcasting once a week for three hours, live-to-air, including guest artists and visitors. My show will feature only Australian bands and musicians playing dixieland and ragtime, including some never-before-heard Australian compositions. Feel free to contact me and let me know how you like the music and the artists. I now have a Blog at Feel free to visit and leave a comment!
Favorite Artists

John Gill (Ragtime Piano)
In my opinion the greatest ragtime piano and sadly no longer with us! He has toured extensively throughout the world to full houses every time. A master of the piano and a great composer and improviser.

Madam Pat Thompson
A wonderful lady - and I do mean Lady! A singer of torch songs in the Mae West or Bessie Smith style who performed live concerts in her 70's!! Sadly Madam Pat passed away just last year.