DJ Profile
quiet storm music online from Rush Hour Smooth Jams on Live365 Internet Radio
DJ: michael rush
Location: Harrisburg, PA

For over 20 years I've been involved with music as a DJ, music collector, and performer. Music is the fabric of life. It weaves itself into our waking and sleeping hours and provides a backdrop of stars to the horizon of monotony. It helps us express joy, sorrow, love and lust, anger and pain. It gives us words when we have none, and is a companion in the void of silence. As musical genre crossover each other they create unique patterns and styles. Rush Hour Smooth Jams Radio is programmed to suit your various listening opportunities. Whether you prefer smooth or uptempo music, Rush Hour Smooth Jams Radio has something for everyone! With this format I can relax, dance or romance, and enter that "special" place we all have. I'm proud to bring this format to Harrisburg and the world via Live 365. Celebrating Five(5) Years of Broadcasting Excellence, we have come home to the Live 365 Network.