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An eclectic mix of blues, rock, R&B, Reggae, and rockabilly from the past fifty years.

About mike e

I am not a music professional but I am passionate about music. I'm old enough to remember the golden age of FM radio when the DJs chose the music they played and could be as quirky and creative as they wanted. Those days are gone. Mike's Mix is an attempt to bring back the excitement I used to feel when listening to those radio programs with a few added features of my own. I decided to go broad with musical genres instead of narrow the way so many radio programs do today. On Mike's Mix you'll hear classic blues mixed with rock, mixed with reggae and R&B, mixed with country and rockabilly. I'll even throw in some jazz or folk-rock. In addition I vary the musical eras that I draw from. So you will hear a song that may have been recorded fifty years ago next to one from five years ago, and every era in between. I also try to keep the music somewhat obscure. I consciously avoid playing "greatest hits" from any era because listeners can hear that music on any number of other programs. So I choose songs that I think are good but are not often or ever played. And music doesn't have to be new to fall into that category. There are plenty of songs from the past, even some by famous bands and artists, which are good but for some reason never got a lot of air time. Those are the gems I love to uncover along with songs by little known bands or artists of today who are creating wonderful music in relative obscurity. The challenge for me is to create a musical mix that works within these guidelines. I think I have done that but it's ultimately up to the listeners to decide. Obviously there's a huge amount of music to choose from over the past 50-60 years (the oldest song on the current play list was recorded in 1947). Overall I want to create a mix of music that's different, exciting, and fun to listen to, not something that's boring and predictable.