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DJ: MixUtah
Location: Spanish Fork, UT


Spanish Fork Broadcasting (Mix Utah) started in August of 1994, we began with one part-15 radio station on 92.5 FM in Spanish Fork, Utah. We found part-15 broadcasting both fun and rewarding, even though the coverage is very small it managed to gain a loyal following. Over the years the original station has had to move frequency several times due to local radio changes. We have been netcasting Mix Utah, fully legal via since 2/20/06!!

Spanish Fork Broadcasting and all items related to it are a hobby, we have never accepted outside money to run this venture, it is 100% funded personally and by my family and close friends who have seen value in this venture, any local advertisements heard on the station(s) are given to the advertiser for services, NOT for money and all national advertising is given to the program provider (syndicated programming) on a barter basis, again no money has ever been asked or accepted by outside sources, we are very proud of this fact, we have always gone by the belief that if we had to ask for money, then it would no longer be a hobby and it would become a job, and what's the fun in that :-)

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