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rock music online from Decades of Underground on Live365 Internet Radio
DJ: Moby Disc
Location: Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada

Once upon a time I had a radio show called Moby Disc. In the years since the demise of this show I have been craving a return to the airwaves on my own terms. Thus, Decades of Underground. The premise is the same: deep cuts by the most famous names in music from the days before their world domination. Add a healthy dose of lesser known geniuses to the mix and stir. In the 18 years I have spent performing in underground bands of my own, I have come across all sorts of musical treasures; it is now my pleasure to share them with you.
Favorite Artists

The Fall
Longest running underground act of all time. Mark Smith is the punkest of the punk.

Elegant, beautiful and virtually unknown.

Pink Floyd
Once upon a time the official house band of the London underground. Enough said.

The Birthday Party
The scariest, noisiest, most frightening thing Australia ever belched out. Fronted by the legendary Nick Cave.

Nobody else sounds like them. Nobody else could. Over 40 years of psychedelic sonic adventuring.