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DJ: Molten Ice
Location: Muscat, Oman

Hey all! Thanks for tuning into my radio. I'm sick and tired of all the pop/R&B bullshit and thus have made this radio station. Pretty much like (or have liked) every song played here so if your taste is like mine you can be assured you'll love this radio!

My name is Karan Shah. I'm 19 and originally from Muscat, Oman (Look that shit up if u don't know where it is!). Oman is a beautiful country (oh yes the best country in the world :P) though it has ONE thing it lacks, Metal. This is the ONLY Rock & Metal radio in the country and ANYTHING closely relevant to metal, oh and of course my car's music system. :)

At the moment in Birmingham, UK for university and AMAZED at all the Metal I've gotten here! I must say I had higher expectations but already seen some bands, all of them I obviously broadcast here! Namely Ensiferum, In Flames (and Killswitch), Amon Amarth and Trivium! Obviously many more to come. I must say it was a dream to ever see ANY band live from where I come from so I'm awe-struck! Now to one of the festivals! :D

I pretty much ONLY listen to Metal (and some HARD rock). The only (oh yes, ONLY) exception is Chillout/Ambient/Lounge music, which I love listening to at times. Yeah I'm the man of the extremes... either the heaviest shit or the most chilled out crap :P

Lastly, do check out my Last.FM page and add me as a friend if you like the radio :)
Favorite Artists

In Flames
Hands down, my favorite band of all time! \m/ Clayman is what gets me. Their newer stuff is okay (well okay, I agree kinda crap :P) but their stuff durin Clayman (and before that album like Jester Race) is what makes them my favorite!

Linkin Park
Don't laugh! This band is what got me into Rock and Metal. Before that I used to listen to fricking Pop and Gangsta Rap! That's why I respect them too much, without them I'd be listening to Lady Gaga and similar satanic artists :P

Favorite Albums

Linkin Park - Meteora
Favorite album of all time? Don't know, but definitely my favorite by them! I don't think I dislike any song, and that's what makes it one of their best.

In Flames - Clayman
Yepp, this had to be on. This album moves me EVERYTIME I listen to it. The music is truly beautiful. \m/

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