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new age music online from Moods of the Moon on Live365 Internet Radio
DJ: Kelli Jacobson
Location: Sherman, TX

Hello! I'm Kelli Jacobson and I want to thank you for listening to Moods of the Moon, New Age/Instrumental music to help you relax, meditate, or just chill out. I hope you enjoy the selections and if there is anything you'd like to see added to the show or taken out of the show, just let me know through my contacts. I also accept new submissions of music!
Favorite Artists

David Foster
David Foster is a God of Music... that's all I have to say!

Yanni's music is powerful and he's a wonder to listen to and see live!

Jim Brickman
Jim Brickman just has a way with the piano and he picks such great artists to duet with!

Angels of Venice
Angels of Venice's melodies are haunting and their music is just beautiful all around!

Chris Spheeris
Chris Spheeris is just an awesome musician, I love his works!

Favorite Albums

David Foster - Stealing Home Soundtrack
As I said, David Foster is a God of music... his pieces on this soundtrack are just my heart's desire...

Yanni - Live at the Acropolis
This is a great album to a great performance. I have seen this Live and it's absolutely moving!

Chris Spheeris - Culture
What an awesome album from an awesome artist! I love track 5 - Culture! It's the best!

Angels of Venice - Music For Harp, Flute And Cello
I love listening to this album! Their music is so beautiful!

Pierre Lescaut - Helianthe
I could not live without having this music. This is greatness!

Favorite Broadcasters

Great innovative music from upcoming artists! (Editor's Note: This station is run by the upcoming band, Torchlight Creek!)

Sean Michael Paddison - MusAlchemy Radio Another Great New Age station!

LogRhythm Music - Brain Massage -- it truly is a brain massage! Wonderful music!