DJ Profile
electronic/dance music online from !--- Channel Z ---! on Live365 Internet Radio
DJ: mosaik
Location: Palo Alto, CA

AIM: mosaikradio
I'm playing the music that excites me - or makes me smile - or takes me to a different time - all those tunes that are a part of my history. I hope you like them as well. I love to get e-mails - send your comments or song requests - tell me who you think gets played too much or too little - let me know what you'd like to hear. All e-mails will be answered - I promise!
Favorite Artists

Pet Shop Boys
Thoughtful lyrics paired with danceable beats

New Order
The forefathers of the genre and they're still going strong

Taking new wave to the 90's with a new twist

The world's best party band

Duran Duran
Where would MTV be without them?

Favorite Albums

Pet Shop Boys - Behaviour
The best album of their career so far

R.E.M. - Automatic For The People
Michael Stipe's voice at its best

Sunscreem - Looking At You - The Club Anthems
Seamlessly mixed greatest hits collection

Duran Duran - Rio
Just brings back great memories

ABBA - Gold
the greatest Greatest Hits collection

Favorite Broadcasters

Great selection of classic 80's tunes(

Current mixes straight from the clubs

When you feel the need to just chill

Takes me back to the hey-day in Miami

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