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Skam, Warp, Rephlex, Suction, Planet Mu, Toytronic, Mego and more soothing music for your big brain.

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I love good music. I like computers. I work in TV post production. I am married.

Sorry about the commercials, but I don't want to pay more to get rid of them.

War is dumb.

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Nice mellow music by folks on such labels as Skam, Morr, City Centre Offices, Toytronic, Schematic, Chocolate Industries, Rephlex, Planet-µ, Warp, and the like. And some people who aren't on any label- they just make music that is good.

I don't update or change my playlist as much as I should- so email me and give me crap if it's been too long. (

I've started up a group at Come on by and let me know what you think of the stations!