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classic r&b music online from Love Soul on Live365 Internet Radio
DJ: MsRoc
Location: Brenham, TX

I'm so in love with music. Every since I was a little girl. To this day I prefer to listen to music over TV. In recent years I found myself making these CD's as if I were hosting my own radio show. It has always been a dream of mine to work on the radio. When I found out about this avenue I decided to try it. What could it hurt?? So here I am. Sharing my favorite songs and my love for music with those who listen. Please feel free to send me a Shout Out (Coments, Questions, Requests) at the bottom of the Station Page.
Favorite Artists

Teddy Pendergrass
The rough delivery of "Turn'em Off" OK!

Rachelle Ferrell
Ms Ferrell is my favorite female singer. Her voice an range has no limits. She is gift.

The Temptations
When David Ruffin or Paul Willimas deliver their lines I could just pass out. Their voices are not easily imitated.

Mint Condition
MC is my favorite band because they are skilled musicians. They capture me through every CD, live performance and Concert.

Many Many More
I'm limited to a short list. There are so many more that just do it for me. That make me say Whoa!!!

Favorite Albums

Maxell - Urban Hangin Suite
Debute albumn for Mawell. He introduced something different. Soft, sexy and a little rough at times. Love him.

Kelly Price - The Soul of a Woman
The lyrics on every track I can relate to. Such a powerful CD.

The Manhattans - All of Them
A huge fan. Can't relate to most of their lyrics but the deliver is awesome.

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