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new age music online from The Riverbank on Live365 Internet Radio
DJ: dj mudgie
Location: Belle Plaine, MN

YAHOO: mudgie_daotter
Hiya, Mudgie DaOtter here to greet ya to me home along da river. Me is da spokesotter fer da River Otter Preservation Society. So if yas wants to know more about me just follow da link on me station page. Tanx fer listen'in!
Favorite Artists

One of Germany's best new age artists. Michael Holm continues to create the groups most inspiring songs.

David Arkenstone
From uplifting ballads to enchanting rhythms his music is captivating. David was inspired by Kitaro.

Mars Lasar
From ambient hymms to modem electronic new age, he can do it all.

One longest running New age artists next to Tangerine Dream

Great group from Canada that sounds much like early Delerium.

Favorite Albums

Cusco - Mystic Island
Classic Cusco from North Easter and Solitude with a spirited The Fox and the Lady

Vangelis - Direct
A more modern sounding Vangelis like Metallic rain and Rotation's logic are tops.

David Arkenstone - The Spirit of Olympia
Honoring the great athletic talents of Olympians.

Delerium - Karma
Their best album to date

Mythos - The Reality of a Dreamer
Kaleidoscope and Vision I are the best tracks on the 2nd album

Favorite Broadcasters

Internet Oasis
Plays the best mix of new age I can only dream to copy

The Cosmic Island
Great variety

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