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Rum Rhythms – militant merengue! Quality world music with the best dancefloor fillers from Africa, the Caribbean and Latin America. Different tunes every day. Broadcast date: Sundays from now on.

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I have been involved with world music promotion, as a hobby, for over 15 years, and in a variety of different ways. I began broadcasting on Live365 in November 2006, after being unable to find a radio station, on the internet or otherwise, which had my mix of African, Caribbean and Latin music. I am pleased that my station has a following, without ever having compromised on quality. Rum Rhythms is now the no. 1 station in the worldbeat genre. My employment profile is largely UK local government finance, but I am currently a jobseeker. I would welcome opportunities abroad, with NGOs, large corporations, government agencies etc. I'd really like to experience Africa. In the meantime I an e-volunteer with the United Nations, and currently providing online support to RUDEC, an NGO in North West Cameroon. I am also an actual volunteer with three Bristol-based organisations: (1) a local history museum, (2) a museum dedicated to a former "lunatic asylum", and (3) a support group for people recovering from depression. Now to make matters worse I have been made homeless, on top of being jobless.

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Sadly, Rum Rhythms becomes VIP only from 26 November 2011. I hope to be back in the future, when things in my personal life are settled again. The station has tried to provide a unique and exciting mix of lively, danceable music from the Africa, the Caribbean and Latin America. The themed live broadcasts, twice a week, were slowly improving in quality, and my confidence was increasing (less tripping over words!), but the numbers of listeners often dropped away - maybe you were finishing work. I want to thank all my listeners who sent me messages of support. The world music flag continues under other stations. I recommend Martin Curti's NewWorldBuzz and blueloulou's blue iguana, both in Live365's worldbeat genre. Stay well!