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worldbeat music online from Rum Rhythms on Live365 Internet Radio
DJ: musiu
Location: Thornbury, Bristol, United Kingdom

YAHOO: musiu_2001
I have been involved with world music promotion, as a hobby, for over 15 years, and in a variety of different ways. I began broadcasting on Live365 in November 2006, after being unable to find a radio station, on the internet or otherwise, which had my mix of African, Caribbean and Latin music. I am pleased that my station has a following, without ever having compromised on quality. Rum Rhythms is now the no. 1 station in the worldbeat genre. My employment profile is largely UK local government finance, but I am currently a jobseeker. I would welcome opportunities abroad, with NGOs, large corporations, government agencies etc. I'd really like to experience Africa. In the meantime I an e-volunteer with the United Nations, and currently providing online support to RUDEC, an NGO in North West Cameroon. I am also an actual volunteer with three Bristol-based organisations: (1) a local history museum, (2) a museum dedicated to a former "lunatic asylum", and (3) a support group for people recovering from depression. Now to make matters worse I have been made homeless, on top of being jobless.
Favorite Artists

Kanda Bongo Man
He did most to popularise Congolese music.

Thomas Mapfumo
He created the chimurenga sound.

Celia Cruz
Despite her politics, she was a legend.

Bob Marley
Words can never be adequate.

A legend with a huge recording output.

Favorite Albums

Femi Kuti - Fight To Win
This is just quality - every track is great.

Bob Marley - Uprising
He had some great music that was not included in the Legends (Best of) album. This is a perfect example.

Africando - Trovador
The album that started the phenomenon that is Africando.

Aswad - New Chapter
It is British reggae at its finest, proving that Aswad could be a hard-hitting, roots reggae band, not just the blander mass market group that it became.

Kanda Bongo Man - Kwassa Kwassa
The soukous master at his peak - still keeping a slower rumba section then bursting into the faster seben section. This album includes the studio recording of Liza, which was part of his set at the legendary New York Central Park gig, where an outstanding live version was recorded.

Favorite Broadcasters

Blue Iguana - similar station to Rum Rhythms

Martin Curti
NewWorldBuzz - similar station to Rum Rhythms

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