DJ Profile
classic jazz music online from NaJazz 'Round Midnight... on Live365 Internet Radio
DJ: NuyoRicanSoul
Location: Bed-Stuy, Bklyn, NY

An audiophile sharing fascinating rhythms with others of like mind and soul... Where the Aficionado and the Apasionado converge in astral travel and its always 'Round Midnight...
Favorite Artists

Miles Davis
one of a kind!

Keith Jarrett
touches your soul

John Coltrane
my favorite things

Favorite Albums

Miles Davis - Kind of Blue
It's timeless

John Coltrane - My favorite things
Because its my favorite things!!

Keith Jarret - La Scala
It touches my soul

Ray Barretto - My Summertime
Ray said it best..."the two worlds I love the most"

Favorite Broadcasters

Son Boricua
Great latin music

Mostly Bop
Timeless Jazz Classics

Bop City
Jazz lives forever

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