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celtic music online from Radio Dé Danann on Live365 Internet Radio
DJ: kit moss
Location: Ducktown, WA

I am a historical novelist, blogger, bookseller, and Celtic music enthusiast. I live in Ducktown, Washington State, "a city-state of mind". You can visit me at . My novels are set primarily in Anglo Saxon England. My online bookstore,, has over 1200 novels listed that take place roughly between 500 and 1600 AD/CE.
Favorite Artists

The Chieftains
Their sheer longevity and the breadth of their repertoire makes them tops... especially Kevin Conneff.

Kevin Conneff
The Celtic inflluence in folk rock and the fact that I grew up on Donovan make him my oldest fave rave.

Akron's favorite Celtic band, with Mick Hurray and the sound of rock and Celtic music.

Certain songs, like Broadsword and the songs from "Songs of the Wood".

The Ducliners
Hi Christian and Christine!