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DJ: Nancianne
Location: New York City, NY

I was a jazz DJ on WPBX (now WLIU) in Southampton, NY for several years before moving on to become a manager of jazz musicians. I have moved on again to go back to my first love, radio. I had the privilege of meeting Frank Sinatra in 1976 as a winner of a William B. Williams radio contest on WNEW in NYC. Mr. Sinatra was charming and very engaging. It was a thrill of a life time. That all explains the concept on which my program is based. There's a small photo of me and Frank on my profile page. It was an experience of a lifetime. Those of you who are Sinatra fans will understand my enthisuasm. Enjoy Welcome to the world of wonderful holiday music. Enjoy our mix of Frank Sinatra and jazz holiday songs. We hope you enjoy the program and that it helps makes your holiday even better. Our next program will be ALL holiday music this one is a swinging combination.... Give a listen and tell your friends who love this music. Thanks for being a part of my listener family. Support this station and listen ad-free with Live365 Preferred Membership!
Favorite Artists

Frank Sinatra
He is th the all time best singer of the American Songbok. He was a innovator with enormously good taste in music. material.

Bill Evans
His glorious interpreations put lyricism into jazz piano playing.

Mark Murphy
One of a kind who interprets ballads in a very interesting and original way.

Dena DeRose
She has awesome chops and a very appealing voice.

David Hazeltine
An innovative bop pianist with impecable taste and chops.

Favorite Albums

Frank Sinatra - In The Wee Small Hours Of The Morning
Relaxing singing that would make me not afraid to be alone on a desert island.

Charlie Parker with Strings. -
A lush approach by the master.

Mark Murphy - The Songbook
It is a collection of some of his best singing through the years.

Frank Sinatra and And - Antonio Carlos Jobin
The first of 2 albums Frank did with Jobim and the best

Bill Evans - Eloquence
An amazingly intimate exploaration with the piano master.

Favorite Broadcasters

John Komar
He has a very wide range of vocalists and has introduced me to some I don't know.

Great diversity and tasty cuts.

Evening Meloncholy has Subline choices for really great listening.

Some of the best jazz from artists past and present.

Great selection of Sinatra and easy listening standards

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