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christian music online from Nels on Live365 Internet Radio
DJ: Holy Hearts
Location: n/a

AIM: RavenFreak
I live in Pittsburgh, Pa. I enjoy all kinds of music but Christian Rock is my favorite. Jesus came into my life on October 1, 2006 at a Sonic Flood Concert.
Favorite Artists

They rock!

Sonic Flood
It was during one of their concerts that Jesus Christ entered my heart!

Lincoln Brewster
His music will touch you!

If you haven't heard this band, why not?

Def Leppard
What's not to like?

Favorite Albums

Scorpions - Humanity/Hour 1
The most well written rock album ever

Sonic Flood - This Generation
THE CD that got me into Christian Rock

Rush - Presto
Listen to this and you'll be hooked!

Lincoln Brewster - All To You- Live!
Touched my heart!

Dalton - Taste The Sky
One listen and you'll know why Dalton should be one of the biggest bands in the world!

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