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DJ: brian
Location: New York, NY

::: CELEBRATING 10 YEARS OF STAR RADIO ::: In the late 80's and early 90's, Brian and Alan were DJs on Magic 102 FM and on their own radio 88.2 FM. Brian is an IT guy and Alan a Marketing one. They created this Online Radio station hoping to reach all of you out there who have the same taste in music as we do. Don't hesitate to contact us and give us your remarks to make this station even better for you and for other listeners too. And Finally, Thanks to all our friends and listeners who are contributing everyday in the success of "Star Radio".
Favorite Broadcasters

DJ Brian (star radio)
That's me, the creator of this station; yeah well, I am the favorite dj of myself :-) ....

Because he plays good music and he's one of the nicest persons on Live365

A friend and a great UK broadcaster on Live365

DJ Alan (star radio)
Stars & Hits, Top 40, News are partly or fully created by Alan for Star Radio

DJ Kevin (star radio)
Mixing all Dance and Techno power Hits every week-end; pump up the volume!

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