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DJ: Bobby Kane
Location: Las Vegas, NV

Welcome to True Country Classics! Broadcasting in CD quality/128 kbps. My name is Bobby Kane ... owner, host, voice, program/music director and everything else. Some BIO info? Sure. I started my Country Music radio career at KTOM Radio, Salinas (central Cal.) in the mid 70s. Enough said. Now I’ll talk about TCC (True Country Classics). You’ll hear songs from the 40s through the 80s. Classic Country, Western, Honky Tonk, Bluegrass and Hill-Billy. It’s easy picking top hits but the most fun is selecting songs that didn’t hit the top 10, some that barley charted! There are a few songs I play that never hit any Country chart. "What?" That’s right. They should have but never did. Some of those old music guys must have had their Country Music ears up their ying-yangs! On weekends my music is All-In! You never know what you might hear. I expand my play list with special Weekend Only Play songs, medleys and just plain fun Country songs. By the way, weekends around here start Fridays. Music Rotation! I pick the songs but my computer picks the rotation! 99% of the time, I have nothing to do with placement of songs. Same artist back to back? Purely by chance. Lots of slow or upbeat songs in a row? Again, purely by chance. This is also the reason that sometimes you may hear long stretches of real old oldies back to back or likewise, a stretch of not so old oldies back to back. How about the type of Country song I play? Same thing. It’s all by chance but it helps me deliver a huge variety of the Country music. We tried to get Bar J Wranglers with their Sons of The Pioneers harmonies to do our new jingles but they were just too busy. They’re very popular and great! Maybe in the future (we hope anyway.) Listen for their music right here. LCR Jingles came through for us. They were produced by Chris Seal. Good job Chris and all the guys. It may sound silly but it’s true ... The More You Listen, The More You'll Like What Ya' Hear! For requests, comments, etc, email using Pony Express or follow us on Twitter via our website:
Favorite Artists

Merle Haggard
He's the absolute best! I saw him mid 70's in San Luis Obispo. What a show.

Ray Price & George Jones
I love Country loves songs and nobody sings them better than these two guys: Ray Price and George Jones. Two different styles but they both sing from the heart and feel every song they sing.

Asleep At The Wheel
Aren't we lucky to have their music. I just can't get enough of them. Your hard work will be appreciated for years to come. Good goin' guys.

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