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new wave music online from Eighties Excess on Live365 Internet Radio
DJ: Brandon Edwards
Location: n/a

I am a DJ who started working in radio in 1996. I've since had jobs that, for lack of a better term, were less to be desired. I'm also in a perpetual douchebag colonization, and the only way to release my tension and gain back my sanity is broadcast on the station, which I'm very proud of. My co-host, Arnold Noogie works at the pizza shop by day and comes to the station at night. Here is his story in his own words: Hey, how's it going? I'm Arnold. Yeah, working with Brandon has been a real pain in the orbit. I mean, I'm a simple man. I like comic books, science fiction, and cool clothes. He thinks he's going to get a woman someday. We have an ongoing bet that I'll get married before he will. The only difference is my mate will be a spaceship captain of the galactic empire of Shauyaud. I hope to someday meet and travel space with Alf. I also have curly hair and an afro and hang out downtown. I'm forming a band in which I will play the electric mandolin. I also want to disclose that I am a virgin and will always be, probably, unless I mate with the female leader of the galactic empire of Shauyard. Until then, I wander fruitlessly this Earth and this town, and get razzed by Brandon and his cronies at the station.
Favorite Artists

Phil Collins
Back before he sold his soul to the God of mundane kiddie tunes.

Motley Crue
Not a hair metal band. Just a great band.

Come on. Hettfield, Ulrich, Hammet. There needs to be no more explanation.

Judas Priest
Rob Halford is genius.

Men At Work
Underrated, and great in concert.