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classic christian music online from (( Jesus Rock Classics )) on Live365 Internet Radio
This station is now on automatic play with a playlist that can not be changed. We look forward to the day when we can return and bring you the best in Classic Christian Rock!
Favorite Artists

Larry Norman
Larry is considered the father of CCM. We feature him here.

Love Song
First CCM band to get worldwide aclaim.

2nd Chapter Of Acts
Their 3 part harmonies sound just as current today.

Phil Keaggy
Guitar virtuoso is always a featured artist here.

Like rock? Keep listening. Original Petra is here!

Favorite Albums

Larry Norman - Only Visiting This Planet
Larry's best in many minds. Top production & song writing make this a favorite.

Love Song - Love Song
This is where it all started. Four part harmony with catchy hooks & cooking music.

2nd Chapter Of Acts - ...With Footnotes
If this album doesn't get your toe tapping, check your pulse!

Phil Keaggy - Love Broke Thru
Phil's first full studio album after leaving Glass Harp. Top songs & guitar playing.

Petra - Petra & Come & Join Us
I like the raw energy of their first two albums. They rock!

Favorite Broadcasters

CCM Classis - Rich Davis is from the early days of CCM. Check out his station.

Streets Of Gold syndicated radio show featuring Classic CCM from the last 30 years!

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