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old time radio music online from Old Time Variety on Live365 Internet Radio
DJ: Ryan
Location: Baltimore, MD

***5/27 UPDATE - I AM BACK on the air! Personal health reasons have kept me away, but I'm finally back! Please contact me with requests, messages, etc... I'd love to hear from you!*** Now more about me... :) I'm a 26 year old fan of Old Time Radio who is living in the wrong generation. My favorite OTR program is the 15-minute Bing Crosby show from the mid-1950's with Ken Carpenter and the Buddy Cole Trio. I am not a owner of a website trying to generate hits or make money, nor do I advertise on any message boards or groups on the internet. I am someone who simply loves OTR, and I want to share what I listen to daily at work with others that have this same common interest. If you don't enjoy what is playing, please drop me a line and let me know what shows you would like to hear. Feel free to send me any suggestions, comments, or just to send along a quick hello. I sincerely hope that you enjoy listening to this station, and I look forward to hearing from you.