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APRIL 1 WE'RE GOING OFF THE AIR~~THANK YOU! Are you tired of the same "Top 40" and "Greatest Hits" stations? So was I... Grew up listening to radio in Chicago . Had a crystal radio to DX late at night. WMAQ, WIND, WJJD, WFLD and WLS. Found WVON and became a "blue-eyed" soul brother. Started collecting records and a "wish list" of songs that didn't make the Top 40 or get airplay in Chicago....Love 50's & 60's music because it's associated with the best years of my life ~~Radio evolved into what it is today...Seldom listen because, after 50 years, collected the treasured music I'm sharing with you...listen to the other oldies stations, but I think few do what I do... comment to APRIL 1 ~ WE WILL BE BE GONE~MARCH WILL FEATURE MANY OF MY PERSONAL FAVORITES> EMAIL STILL VALID>> THANK YOU FOR LISTENING! Rich

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APRIL 1~ We're calling it quits~ Thank you for listening! RETRO RADIO TREASURES 50's & 60's Oldies. Tired of the same old Top 40 stations? Remember when ALL music genres played on your favorite radio station? If you've just discovered or re-discovered the oldies of the 50s & 60s, then Retro Radio Treasures is for you. Featuring forgotten, rare and seldom heard oldies to jog your music memory and introduce younger listeners to songs too great to be buried in the attic. I'm Chicago born & bred with all its music~ Emails welcome. (