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salsa music online from *Salsa for the dancers* on Live365 Internet Radio
DJ: DJ Juanito, the on2guru
Location: New York, NY

YAHOO: on2guru
As many of you know, I pay to broadcast this station, to the tune of $40 per month. If you can afford it, please consider subscribing. The only revenue I receive is when 1) you become a VIP member from clicking on the button/link from my station page, and 2) if you are already a VIP and listen to my station. If you are a VIP and want to support this station, please listen to my station as much as possible. :) Thanks for your help! Born and raised in New York City, I started listening to salsa in 1990 or so, and have had a passion for it ever since. I took my first dance lesson in 1993, and haven't stopped dancing since. Most DJs are not dancers, and I got tired of them not playing the songs that dancers like myself like to dance to. I have a massive collection of music, so I decided to start DJing. I love sharing my music, and this is part of that. And also it's nice to get paid to DJ once in a while. :^)
Favorite Artists

Ismael Rivera
El Sonero Mayor, he was the master of vocal improvisation.

Hector Lavoe
You either love his voice or you hate it, but the man could sing like nobody else.

Willie Colon
Wrote many of the songs that made Hector Lavoe famous.

Roberto Roena
Master of the congas, as bad-ass a dancer as he was a conguero.

Willie Rosario
I'm still uncovering gems and nuggets of gold from albums of his that I haven't listened to yet.

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