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Salsa clasica y dura! A long-time salsa dancer in NY, I DJ from that perspective. Feel free to e-mail or IM me with comments or requests. For more info, go to my website at www.on2guru.com.

About DJ Juanito, the on2guru

As many of you know, I pay to broadcast this station, to the tune of $40 per month. If you can afford it, please consider subscribing. The only revenue I receive is when 1) you become a VIP member from clicking on the button/link from my station page, and 2) if you are already a VIP and listen to my station. If you are a VIP and want to support this station, please listen to my station as much as possible. :) Thanks for your help! Born and raised in New York City, I started listening to salsa in 1990 or so, and have had a passion for it ever since. I took my first dance lesson in 1993, and haven't stopped dancing since. Most DJs are not dancers, and I got tired of them not playing the songs that dancers like myself like to dance to. I have a massive collection of music, so I decided to start DJing. I love sharing my music, and this is part of that. And also it's nice to get paid to DJ once in a while. :^)

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Hola mi gente!

As some of you know, I pay fees to Live365 to broadcast, which are currently $40 per month to broadcast a 35-hour playlist at "FM radio" quality. Unfortunately, because of the pricing structure by Live365, only 20 non-"VIPs" are allowed to listen to the station at the same time, so depending on when you log on, if there are too many people listening, you might need to upgrade your membership VIP in order to listen.

If you decide to become a VIP, please support me by clicking the button below! You will get the benefit of no commercials and unlimited access to my station and *every* station on Live365... AND I get a portion of your membership applied to the fees that I pay to broadcast this station.

IF YOU ARE A VIP, when you listen as a VIP, I also get credits for the time you spend listening to the station, so set your browser to listen to it 24 hours a day if possible!

The more memberships and listening hours that are credited to me, the more I can upgrade to better quality and more music. Click on the button below to become a VIP.

Last but not least, be sure to rate my station -- preferably 5 stars. ;-)

There is also a software program you can download and install on your computer called Radio365. I like using it a lot better than using the web to listen to Live365. And if you become a VIP through the software program, I automatically get credit. To download the software program, click the button below.

I am a salsa/mambo DJ in the city of New York who became a DJ after having danced to this music I love since 1994 (I still dance when I can). Currently I play at Dance Manhattan's Salsa Fridays with Rodney Lopez (you may know him from the movie Mad Hot Ballroom) and I have played at various other venues including Jimmy Anton's social.

I started this radio station for three reasons: 1) to share the music I love; and 2) to show people the kind of music I play and 3) to get them to hire me as a salsa DJ. :-)

I play mostly uptempo, stuff-that-makes-you-wanna-dance kind of salsa music from the 60s and the 70s. But, if the music is swinging, it doesn't really matter when it was made, you know what I mean? And every now and then I throw in a song that I just like to listen to.

If you like the music and the station, I have two favors to ask of you:

  1. Let me know how you found or heard of my station (you can send me an e-mail, an IM, whatever works for you!).
  2. Be sure to "rate" the station.


To learn a little more about me, feel free to visit my website at www.on2guru.com