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folk music online from The Acoustic Outpost on Live365 Internet Radio
DJ: Dan Murphy
Location: Cambridge, MA

I have been playing folk/acoustic music since the early 1960s on broadcast radio stations including WTBS/WMBR, WCAS, WMDK, NHPR(WEVO), and WATD. Drop me a note if you've been a listener to any of those stations.

The early 60s was a time when this music became widely popular and crossed over to the mainstream charts. While that boom time didn't last too long, new performers and new listeners have come along every year since then to keep the scene vital and the music fresh. It is still the place where the artists write and sing what they want, not just what might sell more. It is still the place where individual musicianship means something; where you can still hear the artists in small venues playing solo or with just a few other musicians.

Radio has changed a lot over that time. Used to be, DJs picked their own music and you got to know who played what you liked. After while though, the music on most broadcast radio stations came to be programmed by formulas, charts, and corporate program directors. Except for college and community stations, it became rather predictable and mass-oriented.

Now things have come full circle with the internet. Once again, individual DJs can bring whatever skill and sensibilities they may have to the art of programming music. And the listener gets to vote simply by listening.

I'm excited about this newest frontier in radio, and I hope you'll find The Acoustic Outpost a place to visit often. If you look over my favorite artists list on this page, keep in mind that it will change fairly often, except that Dylan will always be at the top. Beyond that, there are too many excellent performers and songwriters to name just 5.

Favorite Artists

Bob Dylan
Dylan in my main man. You'll hear his songs frequently by him and others. As a performer, he is first tier. As a songwriter/poet, he has no peer.

Arlo Guthrie
Many great songs, some of which carry on the great tradition of his father. Somebody you can still see in a small concert or even club venue.

Mary Black
Brings a deep spirit to many different songs.

Cormac McCarthy
New Hampshire singer-songwriter with a fine spectrum of songs, many of which have been covered by other performers.

Rachel Faro
Was appearing at coffeehouses in the 70s and had a couple LPs then. Amazingly warm and connecting singer.

Favorite Broadcasters

Songs of Bob Dylan as performed by Bob and hundreds of others. Sister station to the Acoustic Outpost.

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