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psychedelic music online from Treacle Toffee World on Live365 Internet Radio
DJ: orangebicycle
Location: London, United Kingdom

Grew up in the 60s, but didn't listen much to psychedelia at the time - mostly into jazz, blues, r&b, Dylan. Former art student, played in country rock band, worked in video industry and as a rock journalist. Now rediscovering the glory that was pyschedelia .. feel free to join the trip.
Favorite Artists

The Beatles
What more can be said?

Jimi Hendrix
Psychedelic space blues genius from another planet.

Minor UK one-hit wonders with All The Love In The World - a classic piece of psychedelic harmony pop-soul crammed with more hooks than you could shake a sugar lump at.

Smoother than silk, this '60s harmony group delivered gorgeous melodies and pop hooks to die for. How come they never had a hit?

Human Instinct
Psych-folk-harmony tripsters whose deliciously evocative Renaissance Fair was never the hit it deserved to be. That said, it's a hit every day on Electric Lemonade, so there's a happy ending for you, of sorts ..

Favorite Albums

The Beatles - Sergeant Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band
Psych pop's biggest bang. An innovative and enduring artistic masterpiece, with best-ever bass lines from Macca. One for the history books.

Love - Forever Changes
Poetic psych masterpiece - great tunes, mad lyrics .. what more do you want?

Jimi Hendrix - Are You Experienced?
The greatest guitar god ever to wear skin-tight velvet loon pants with style.

Various artists - Fading Yellow 1-6
Mind-bogglingly fantastic and thorough trawl through the greatest psych pop obscurities that true fanaticism could hope to uncover so consistently. Gets more wonderful with each listen ..

Favorite Broadcasters

Turn Me On, Dead Man
Brilliant choice of obscure US psych nuggets - this guy really knows his stuff.

Chocolate Soup
Mining forgotten, often brilliant UK psych gems.