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Treacle Toffee World is an imaginary pirate station broadcasting somewhere off the coastal waters of your mind. It plays (mostly) 60s psychedelia with flashes of rare US garage and psychede

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Grew up in the 60s, but didn't listen much to psychedelia at the time - mostly into jazz, blues, r&b, Dylan. Former art student, played in country rock band, worked in video industry and as a rock journalist. Now rediscovering the glory that was pyschedelia .. feel free to join the trip.

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Treacle Toffee World is a pirate radio station broadcasting from somewhere off the coastal waters of your mind. Maybe it's the North Sea. Maybe not. The deejays are wild and hairy and play the grooviest psych and switched-on pop from the era, roughly 1963-73. They also have access to unheard (in the UK) regional garage rock and psychedelia acquired through a process of enlightened osmosis. Alternative reality radio? Absolutely!