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easy listening music online from THEATRE ORGAN STARS on Live365 Internet Radio
DJ: Don Reasons
Location: Dallas, TX

When THEATRE ORGAN STARS came online in 2001, I wanted folks to enjoy the music I love. I realized there was no theatre organ music on the internet. So THEATRE ORGAN STARS was born

At the age of 14, a friend and I built a radio station in our home town. Although I always had a hand in broadcasting, I was really a performer, organist, pianist, musical director and eventually an officer in an ATOS chapter. So my personal goal was to offer the beautiful music of the American theatre pipe organ to listeners around the world. Theatre Organ Stars was the first of three stations I had online at one time, one theatre organ station, one piano station and our flagship Airstream-FM, our beautiful music station. The theatre organ music you hear comes from LPs, CDs and live concert performances. So enjoy the music of THEATRE ORGAN STARS Radio.

Enjoy our other beautiful music station,

Airstream FM - Beautiful Music Radio
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