DJ Profile
goth music online from Oscilloworld Radio on Live365 Internet Radio
DJ: ak-81
Location: Haldensleben, Germany

I wanted to broadcast my own favourite music - miles away from the mainstream music
Favorite Artists

right now? ... "Red Temple Spirits"
(update 06/2012)

Gothic Rock
like "The Naked And The Dead" or "The Plague"

Wave and Minimal
like german minimal 80's classics or french coldwave 80's classics

like "45 Grave" or the "Chants Of Maldoror" from Italy

alternative Rock
like "Sonic Youth"

Favorite Albums

I have a big collection of CDs -
original cds and mp3 cds

Gothic Rock -
like "Joy Division" or "Mephisto Walz"

Wave and Minimal -
like my burned minimal-sampler with rare 80's minimal classics

Deathrock -
like "Antiworld" or the first "Christian Death" album

Rock'n'Roll and Gothabilly -
like "Deadbolt"

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