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freeform music online from Violet Crown Radio on Live365 Internet Radio
DJ: ozonakid
Location: Austin, TX

After many years taking a break from broadcasting and Live365, the OzonaKid is back bringing his own unique view of the musical world. At one point in the past I had five different stations on Live365, including two award winners - Lonely Radio and NatureSong Radio. I can't say that those themes and stations haven't made their way into my newest incarnation - Violet Crown Radio - but I think you will find VCR a little more upbeat. Things have changed much in my life. I retired from a long career as a lawyer and now teach digital media, law, and business at a university in my beloved city of Austin. Many Austinites know that their city has long been nicknamed the "City of the Violet Crown", although there is much debate about what the monicker actually refers to. Most trace the reference to the 1800's when one famous Austin resident - the seminal America author O'Henry - referred to Austin in that way, perhaps making fun of Austin's reputation for being the "Athens of the West" because of its touted university and the fact that Athens once also held that title in ancient times. Whatever the reason, anyone who lives or visits here will tell you that Austin is a state of mind - a strange brew of hippies, college students, transplanted Californians and New Yorkers, high tech business, entertainment and politics. And then there's the music. Home to Austin City Limits, the ACL Music Festival, and the granddady of them all SXSW, music is central to Austin's culture and soul. VC Radio isn't really intended to be an Austin music showcase - merely a laid back reflection of the diversity of people and music you can find here. Go down our famous Sixth Street or Red River Street on a weekend night, and you will hear a western swing band playing next door to a trash metal venue - along with over 150 other venues all within walking distance, and all playing diverse live music. No wonder so many musicians want to call our city home.
Favorite Artists

Alan Parsons/The Alan Parsons Project
One of the few repeaters in my collection

Suzanne Vega
Had a dry run a couple of albums back, but her latest may be her best

Has anybody else noticed that these guys are still jammin' despite their approaching Social Security claims?

Pink Floyd
Money. Its a gas.

Dixie Chicks
I am from Texas after all.

Favorite Albums

The David Chesky Band - Rush Hour
I used to bounce around the studio to this during a jazz show I had once

Pink Floyd - Wish You Were Here
Music to get illegal to

Pat Metheny & Lyle Mays - As Falls Wichita So Falls Wichita Falls
Besides being the coolest title ever for an album, this thing plays with your head

Don Henley - Building the Perfect Beast
Proof that there was life after the Eagles

Enigma - Le Roi Est Mort, Vive Le Roi
Wanna forget you've got nothin to eat but coconuts? Just insert and listen over and over

Favorite Broadcasters

Best Fusion on Live.

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