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r&b/urban music online from @PUREJams on Live365 Internet Radio
DJ: @PUREJams bka O.G.B.
Location: Las Vegas & St. George, NV

Your "home-online" station for INDIE Pacific Urban Island Music from Polynesian & Pacific artists (USA, New Zealand, Australia, and the Pacific. Contact: Repping the Urban Island genres from the Pacific Nesian Regions of Polynesian, Melanesia & Micronesian we play Urban Contemporary, Reggae, Rap/Hip-Hop, R&B, Soul, Neo Urban Island Fusion, Pacific Roots Reggae, Urban Island Hip-Hop etc. various interpolations of Urban Island Music from a Polynesian/Pacific Islander perspective. We were the first to play strictly indie Polynesian Urban Island artists only in the U.S. (no mainstream non-Pacific artists). Now many others have seen the Poly/Pacific Island Urban music scene blowing up finally here in the U.S. - and thus have the same format. Our bros & sisters in New Zealand have been doing this music for years but only in the last several years has it really exploded here in North America. We rep our Poly/Pacific artists' music first and foremost. Hope you enjoy our ever growing playlist of artists. Please visit their websites, Facebook pages, Twitter accounts and other social media sites to support and help their music grow. Follow us on @PUREJams or #WeRepPolyUrbanMusic #Polymovment Thanks for listening and ENJOY! #OneLove #Bless
Favorite Albums

Fiji - Best of Fiji
Urban Island Music legend helped pave the way for current wave of Urban Island Musicians

PNC - Under The Influence
Samoan-Kiwi MC throwing down great lyrical hiphop masterfully with great production from Poly HipHop producer, Matt Miller (

J Boog - Hear Me Roar
Most influential Polynesian artist in modern music with his debut album. He has now helped to create an even larger opportunity for Poly artists to be heard, under the tutelage of Fiji.

Aaradhna - I Love You
My personal fave Poly female artist just happens to be Samoan/Indian and she throws it down with authority. One of the most beautiful soulful voices in Pacific Urban Island music today.

Brotha D & Dawn Raid Family - Element of Surprise
This album showed me how our Poly/Pacific family were reppin' Polynesian Urban music on a whole other level. And they were doing on the other side of the world, in Aoteroa (New Zealand)