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DJ: parkhopperradio
Location: FL, CA

We're Disney fanatics to the greatest degree.  We spend a lot of time at the Disney resorts, so we have a huge archive of live audio.

Please send us email!  We promise to answer everyone.  Let us know what you think about our station, what audio you like and dislike, something new you would like to hear, or just to talk about Disney!

And, of course, if you like what you hear on Park Hopper Radio, we strongly encourage you to visit the Disney resorts!
Favorite Artists

Sherman Brothers
The best music and lyrics of original Disney. You just can't get them out of your head...

Alan Menken
The best music of current Disney.

Tim Rice, Howard Ashman, and Stephen Schwartz
The best lyrics of current Disney.

Randy Newman
He has created great music for the Disney/Pixar CGI movies (Toy Story, Bug's Life, Monters Inc., etc).

Paul Frees
The Disney "voice" we all have heard many times.

Favorite Albums

Disneyland and Walt Disney World Forever - Disney
You can create your own custom ride CDs at Walt Disney World and Disneyland!

Disneyland and Walt Disney World Official Album - Disney
The original 1991 "purple" ride CD.

Walt Disney World Millennium Celebration - Disney
The best of the Millennium Celebration at Epcot.

Tokyo Disneyland Starlight Magic 2000 - Disney
The Tokyo Disneyland Starlight Magic 2000 parade.

Disneyland Paris Imaginations Parade - Disney
The Disneyland Paris Imaginations parade.

Favorite Broadcasters

Park Hopper Radio
Well, of course...

All other Disney stations
When you need a break from Park Hopper Radio. We can't imagine this ever happening, but anything is possible...

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