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prog/art rock music online from Celestial Solstice on Live365 Internet Radio
DJ: patches & kymbre summer-rain
Location: Shroomville, OR

YAHOO: witchcraftmedicine
We love progressive music. When we moved to Oregon some years back, we decided to set up this station for fun & to share the music we picked up over the years with anyone who enjoys progressive music. We hope you enjoy what you hear on this station, if you don't, there's always "the mouse". After all, this is "our" radio daze. Peace & Love from Shroomville Oregon, Patches & Kymbre Summer-Rain Create your own banner at!
Favorite Artists

Peter Gabriel
"Great song writer, performer." Patches

Jon Anderson
"Awesome messenger of music." Kymbre

Peter Hammill
"Great music & lyrics,dark and brooding." Patches

Andy Tillison Disk-Drive
"Prog For the 90's & beyond!" Patches

"We just do!" Patches & Kymbre

Favorite Albums

Yes - Tales From Topograpic Oceans
" I like this because it was a milestone concept album when it came out. 4 long awesome tracks!!" Kymbre

Parallel or 90 Degrees - The Time Capsule
"Found this while looking for Valintine Day gifts on the net. It's an awesome CD that just has to be played over and over again!" Patches

Fish - Fellini Days
"I think, at least so far, this is Fish's best album. Don't get me wrong, but it seems to be that whomever he is writing with at the time of the CD affects the music. But that's just what I think." Patches

VDGG - Pawn Hearts
"Heard this in High School. Great, dark CD, written while on the road durning endless touring. Thus the title, "Cosmos Tour", was added to Plauge Of Lighthouse Keepers." Patches

Hamadryad - Conservation Of Mass
"Awesome band out of Canada. Great vocalist. Looks like a long time relationship is due." Kymbre

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