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We stream classic prog, neo, and 3rd wave. Artists like Jon Anderson, ELP, Eno, Floyd, Peter Gabriel, Genesis, Peter Hammill, Van Der Graaf Generator, Yes, Arena, Red Sand, IQ, Like Wendy, Marillion, Parallel Or 90 Degrees, and much, much more!!

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We love progressive music. When we moved to Oregon some years back, we decided to set up this station for fun & to share the music we picked up over the years with anyone who enjoys progressive music. We hope you enjoy what you hear on this station, if you don't, there's always "the mouse". After all, this is "our" radio daze. Peace & Love from Shroomville Oregon, Patches & Kymbre Summer-Rain... Create your own banner at mybannermaker.com!

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New playlist for January/February 2015 is now up & running. I will be replacing new songs for some that have been running for a while. It takes a while to do this so please be patient. We added a bunch "classic" CD's as well as "80's, 90's etc... to our collection, so we hope you enjoy play list's to come. Thanx again!! Peace!!!!!! This station is dedicated to my late Father who played me my first Brazil 66 album, my late Uncle who took me to my first Yes concert and played me Genesis' Foxtrot the next day. My High School friend Eric, who guided me further in this musical direction. Also, all the musicans who make this wonderful music and YOU! Please check-out our web site at.... www.facebook/celestialsolstice.com.... Peace & Love from Shroomville Oregon USA, Patches & Kymbre Summer-Rain... Create your own banner at mybannermaker.com!
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