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r&b/urban music online from Pax Stereo RadioNet on Live365 Internet Radio
DJ: mario hemsley aka pax stereo
Location: Los Angeles, CA

MARIO HEMSLEY AKA PAX STEREO: Mario Hemsley is busy. Besides working as an emergency pediatrician, he is the CEO of Pax Stereo ,an independent record label operating in the Los Angeles area. Working out of his self-designed studio, Mario is the prototype of today's "E-Man" (i.e. "Everything Man") producer. Writing, arranging, engineering, mastering & manufacturing, he does it all. He is also freely sharing his journey and methods on his self-maintained website, Pax Stereo Online ( He has also launched Pax Stereo Tv ( the new incarnation of Internet television. Be on the lookout for new product from Pax Stereo - "the sight and the sound of body heat!" Pax Stereo Online is music by independent labels, artists, and producers.
Favorite Artists

Hemsley Foster Project
"This studio band has a lock on the entire contemporary R&B scene. Barry White-style spoken work, multi-tracked female singers and Earth, Wind, and Fire-style workouts are all tempered with hip-hop and light funk production touches." - The Music Download Directory

Richard Dedeaux
An original and current member of the Watts Prophets, "the original rappers!" "The poet Richard Dedeaux -- of the Watts Prophets -- goes the Gil Scott-Heron route with a funky but thought provoking collection of jazz, soul and hip-hop. The ironic "Texas Boy" makes fun of macho stereotypes but most tracks have a darker-edged, socio-political agenda. Yep kids, they used to call rap "spoken word" and Dedeaux added his poetry to Stevie Wonder and Quincy Jones albums long before you were born." - (

Edward Simpson
"Edward Simpson has one of those voices that's made for eliciting passionate "amens" and "hallaleujahs" from all those who hear his Gospel songs. With a voice that can only come from the soul, Simpson turns standard songs of praise into monumentally emotional testimonies of his own faith, providing plenty of reason for almost anyone to believe." - The Music Download Directory

Tezman Vic
"Tezman Vic puts some gospel sass into modern Soul. The production is state of the (hip-hop) art, but the feel is classic R&B." - The Music Download Directory

Mario Hemsley
The CEO is busting out with his own solo project! Check it out!

Favorite Albums

Hemsley Foster Project 1 - Believer
The premier CD by Pax Stereo's dynamic songwriting duo.

Hemsley Foster 2 - Love Songs?
Here Mario & Irvin turn their focus to love and all its struggles.

Hemsley Foster Project 3 - Jazzamatazz
A mixture of jazz, hip-hop, and r&b... The 3rd release by "the project."

Hemsley Foster Project - Live @ Nyala's
Recorded live in 1992 in a rare appearance by the project onstage. A collectors item!

Hemsley Foster Project - The Other Stuff

Favorite Broadcasters

The online presence of Pax Stereo Family member, Trevonne Haynes.

Pax aka Mario Hemsley
Our CEO's alter-ego online personality. The voice that guides "the sight and sound of body heat." The Man is Mario Hemsley...

Victor Allen
Tall, dark,and handsome, Vic is striking in voice and in presence. Check him out!

His "Retro Jazz & Blues" show is the schiznit!!

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