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orchestral pop music online from SounDelicious™ on Live365 Internet Radio
DJ: paul kennedy
Location: Minneapolis, MN

MSN: soundelicious
I enjoy rummaging through record shops, garage sales, and other places where vintage and new music might show up. Although my music interests range widely, I have most recently been collecting music from the 50s and 60s, and music that points back to that era. Most of the music on this station is black-tie with a little tongue in cheek. It is music that can be enjoyed while lounging around at home or while you are at your office.

Join me the second Saturday of each month, 5pm PT, for "Nightscape" on

Thanks for listening.
Favorite Broadcasters

Pure bossa nova. A little sexy, a little steamy. Relaxing, but makes you want to dance. Nice variety of artists. Updated frequently.

Bossa Nova Breakfast. Breakfast is served 24-7 and still you can't get enough. After just a few seconds of listening, you cannot deny...the desire.

Swanky has a good selection of lounge music. I recommend his station highly.

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