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DJ: PC Music Radio
Location: Long Island, NY

Hi, Everyone!

This is Lou, your host at "PC Music Radio".
It has been my pleasure to be with you, for ELEVEN years now, at "the Perfect Choice"- now streaming in CD Quality 96k mP3 PRO audio.

NEW in 2010...DISCO SATURDAY!!!...please check the broadcast schedule to find the time in your area...DISCO SATURDAY!!!

I'd like to thank you for being one of 3300+ loyal listeners from all over the world, who have chosen us for their PRESET STATION list. As of 1/20/2013, we reached the "3400" goal. How about hitting that PRESET button for PC Music Radio?. Thanks so much, everyone!

I hope it has been an enjoyable listening experience for everyone. I try to play many of the great tunes you've heard on the radio, but I'll also go into other (rarely played) cuts from those CD's. There are a few cuts from CD's only available from the independent artists themselves such as Clint Holmes[] and Jaime Thietten []. We've just added four great indie artists:
1.James Collins ("the Messenger"),from
2.Brian Willoughby ("Brian Willoughby"), from
3.Sheri Hawkins from
4.Kenny Munshaw at

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Welcome to PC Music Radio - The Perfect Choice!

"Celebrating our 10th year on Live 365!

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