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A uniqe blend of soft rock, easy listening and New Age, with some of the best and most inspiring songs produced in recent decades. Timeless melodies, star performances, compelling lyrics. Motivational, upbeat rock songs and more.

About Heart 'n' Soul Music

Peace Music Radio offers a variety of songs distinguished by their uplifting melodies, exceptional vocal performances, as well as their meaningful lyrics that resonate with our fundamental human values and aspirations (peace, love, freedom, spirituality, etc.). Peace Music Radio does not limit itself to music from a particular genre or decade, but highlights music with a “heartistic” beat, music that expresses harmony as well as “heart-mony.” After all, music is the universal language of the heart and soul, expressing emotions more effectively than words alone. The playlists on this station occasionally feature instrumental New Age pieces that are in sync with the upbeat vocal moods. Peace Music Radio seeks to highlight the beauty and artistic quality of songwriting, both in composition and lyrics. Music is an integral part of our culture and has an indelible social impact. The songwriters of the sixties, for example, contributed substantially to shaping the hippie movement as a new cultural phenomenon and supported its call for a revolution of peace and love. The sixties are long gone but the music will always be there as long as it touches the heart and soul. Peace Music Radio celebrates the power of music to bring people together with "one love, one heart" as Bob Marley sang. We hope you enjoy our music selection and welcome your feedback, ideas and suggestions (please write to Thank you for listening!