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Shalom/Hello this is Levana. Thanks for stopping by and listening to LOVE 247. I am not a pro artist, but I enjoy singing and writing songs of praise to Our Heavenly Father, who so loved us that He sent His only begotten Son into this world to redeem us from the penalty of sin, to Everlasting Life. The Ten Commandments was, and still is my all time favorite movie. A few years ago I became interested in learning about the ancient Israelites to whom The Most High revealed Himself and who were the original writers of the Scriptures. In my desire to learn about these people, I embarked on the study of Ancient and Modern Hebrew. During my search of sources of information such as The Dead Sea Scrolls, ancient manuscripts and archaeology I discovered among many interesting facts that God has a name, which is represented by the Hebrew consonants Yod Hey Vav Hey, and by the modern letters YHVH. I learned too that the poetic form of His name is YAH as can be seen in Psalms 68:4, Isa. 12:2 and many other verses in The New King James Version of the Bible. This shortened rendition of His name can also be found in HalleluYAH ( Praise YAH). If you read the preface of many Bibles you will note that the translators has stated that His name has been omitted from the text and substituted with the words LORD and God. I also discovered that the letter J only came into use in the mid 1600s and that Jesus' name is Iesous in the Greek texts of the New Testament, His name at birth being Yehoshua as written in the Hebrew language, now rendered as Yeshua. For these reasons I have included the "true names" of Our Heavenly Father and Our Messiah in most of the songs that I have written. Again, I thank you for listening. May YAH bless you abundantly in Yeshua's name is my prayer for you. Baruch Shemo..Blessed be His Name.
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