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DJ: peter liam holcross
Location: Hilton Head Island, SC

Here's my story. I was born an only child in New York City and grew up in Connecticut. Always been a rock fan: I made it to the original Woodstock Festival in '69, an awesome experience, even though I only got to see 2 musical acts. I went up with my cousin Pete and his buddy from Wethersfield, who had to park about 5 miles from the stage; so I left them there and walked by myself in the light rain past thousands of vans and cars and tents, until I came over a hill and saw rainbow lights washing the crowd as far as the eye could see in all directions. Amazing. Arlo was on stage; I walked around to the top of the hill, then down to right in front of the stage while Joan Baez was performing. Later they were making announcements, so I had my other friends paged, and one of them, Kirby, yells out my name just a few feet away from me! Wo. We found a dry spot under a truck and shared some bread and wine, and slept. But in the morning all the mud, sanitation problems, lack of food and commercialism of the drug-vendors bummed us out... so we just left, before seeing any other groups play. Anyway, six months later my mom died in 30 days from bone marrow cancer, and the shock put me into serious depression for a year. I turned to drugs and alcohol, but that only made my pain more intense. I tried to study Mechanical Engineering at Boston University, but suffered a mental breakdown, and ended up blowing all my scholarship money on rock shows at the 'Boston Tea Party' and B.U. gym; but at least the music helped me get through those dark days without killing myself. After a semester I left school and spent several months studying philosophy, trying to find an answer to my confusion, grief and hopelessness. I was very intrigued by the writings of Friedrich Nietzsche and others; but in the end found that these all lacked a "fixed center", and were more like shifting sand and of no real value. Then one morning I awoke to a powerful dream, a vision of a cross of lightning in the sky; now, I hadn't seriously considered Christianity up to this time, but that got my attention! A few days later I bumped into an old high school buddy, a fellow musician, and he invited me to his house to catch up and listen to music. It turned out that he was now a Christian, and he played songs for me by rock artists that were talking about God and faith. At one point he invited me to a different kind of church service, where 4 black ex-junkies, gang members from New York, powerfully told how Jesus had saved them from heroin addiction, crime and death. Their tag line was, "Y'ain't got JESUS, y'ain't got NOTHIN'!" Their testimony was so genuine that, coupled with the weight of grief over my mother's death, I swallowed my pride and stepped forward to take a chance on the Love of God through Jesus Christ; and all at once, it was as though the clouds parted and the sun broke through! Joy erupted in my heart as Christ came in and washed me clean with His precious blood; and my soul now felt like a new-born baby. Jesus became the Center and Reason of my life, and it has never been the same since. And even when, over the years, when I have sometimes become cold and distant, He has always been faithful to lovingly bring me back into the warmth of Calvary-Love by His Spirit and Word. I spent 15 years as a non-denominational missionary in Europe and Asia and worked as a radio DJ in several English-speaking countries; and now I hope this little Live365 radio station can help bring people like me into the love of God and His Son, Jesus Christ, the way my friend used music to reach me. God bless you, and thank you for listening! And my deepest thanks to those rare performers who occasionally take a stand and share their faith in their music in spite of worldly opposition. God bless you. Sincerely, Peter Liam Holcross