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classical music online from Whisperings on Live365 Internet Radio
DJ: David Nevue
Location: Springfield, OR

David Nevue, the host of "Whisperings: Solo Piano Radio," is a self-taught pianist who cites a wide variety of musical influences including Rush, Pink Floyd, George Winston and Chopin. David is also the author of the book 'How to Promote Your Music Successfully on the Internet,' as well as the founder of the Music Biz Academy, an educational web site for musicians. Aside from live performance, David promotes his music almost exclusively via the Internet.
Favorite Artists

George Winston
I doubt the idea of writing for 'solo piano' would have ever occurred to me were it not for being introduced to Winston's piano works. Truly life changing.

The Monkees
Yes, it's true. I confess. Some people grow up in musical families. Not me. I grew up watching the Monkees. They were the whole reason I wanted to become a musician.

Gave me a real appreciation for music as an art form. After listening to Rush for so many years, I'm terrified of writing anything that might be considered 'boring.'

Dax Johnson
If you can find Dax's CD, "Merciful Dwelling", buy it. The most influential album on my music in the last five years.

A strong, strong influence over my early piano music.

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