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DJ: the common patriot
Location: St. Augustine, FL

YAHOO: pkrankin89
As the name suggests I view myself first as a Patriot and an American to the core of my being. I am politically conservative across the entire spectrum of political issues but I am not rabidly loyal to any one party. Personally I find fault for our political debacle on both sides of the aisle and quite often I find that is due to politicians whitewashing the Constitution and ignoring our great heritage of freedom and personal responsibility in this country. I'm joined on each broadcast by my brother Buzz, and our friend Jack. Guitar Don who helped establish the show might be with us from time to time and maybe even have a new parody song to throw our way. Don also sings the GP song that you hear on the air.
Favorite Artists

Great music with thought.

Awesome, hard-driving music.

Gordon Lightfoot
Excellent Music.

Jimmy Buffett
Parrot Head...what can I say.

Big & Rich
I love country and I love patriots. This, therefore, is a no brainer.

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