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Merry Christmas from Plumtree Radio! All the Comedy, novelty, and Holiday cheer, with Some Rock and Country tunes tossed into the mix! It's all here on our Holiday music gift too you!

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Wow, where to begin. I've been in broadcasting and cablecasting for about 30 years! Since about 1965, I've been on the air in a variety of pirate radio stations in Central Washington, then on commercial radio, TV and Cable! In Central WA, I created a buzz (literally) with one of the first pirate rock and roll radio stations in the area. Stations were all running middle of the road formats, and country and western, but nobody was rock and roll. It was very exciting keeping a 50 watt fm rock station on the air. I believe the FCC was closing in fast when the transmitter finally burned up! It was fun and exciting for several teen years back in the 60's. That's probably why I like the 60's era so much. Anyhow, as many times as I can, I try to broadcast my live stream. DJPHILOUIE.

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