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power pop music online from .::Popbang Radio::. on Live365 Internet Radio
DJ: popbang
Location: St Paul, MN

YAHOO: popbangradio's top 3 bands of all time? Jellyfish, Cheap Trick and Enuff Z'nuff. BUT... is all about NEW power pop! Jellyfish hasn't made a new record for almost 10 years. Popbang Radio is all about bringing you the best NEW power pop, with a few classics thrown in. We want to know what your listening to! Email is It's a popthing!
Favorite Artists

Enuff Znuff
The most underated power pop band ever!

Cheap Trick
The "Elvis Presley"'s of power pop. They are the kings!

Why did they have to break up?? What a great band!

Ben Folds
Ben rocks! Great songs! Killer CDs.

Letters to Cleo
The best female fronted power pop band today!

Favorite Albums

Jellyfish - Bellybutton
One of my all time favorites!

Cheap Trick - Standing on the Edge
Their best CD ever!

Enuff Z'nuff - 10
Every album by these guys gets better

Yes - Talk
yeah, I know.. not power pop, but a great CD by an AWESOME band.

Citizen - Citizen
An 80s new wave band that had a killer album!

Favorite Broadcasters

Great power pop from

Enuff Z'nuff Radio. 24 hours of great Enuff Znuff music!

Magna-fi (formally The Szuters) Radio!

Yeah, I dig my own station a whole lot too!!

Not Lame Radio hosted by me... POPBANG RADIO! YEEEE HAWWW! Not Lame rocks!

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