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FOOD FOR YOUR SOUL. Free inspirational talk radio. Listen to programs on meditation, Eastern spirituality, Law of Attraction, manifesting, present moment awareness, etc as well as music of all genres, drama, talks, events etc

About Pramod Uday

Pramod is a spiritual being, teacher and speaker from India. (Pramod means joy or happiness, from the Sanskrit root, pramoda). Pramod has been giving lectures on Eastern applied spirituality, meditation, manifestation, relationships, abundance, etc. for a few years now and has touched many through her warm loving words of inspiration. Pramod's talks are being collected and published on CD and as instant downloads, by a small tightly knit team of people who want to make sure the teachings reach those who are asking for it through their deepest desires to improve their lives. The recordings and transcripts of Pramod's spiritual lectures are syndicated throughout the Internet by hundreds of podcast directories, e-zines, magazines and newspapers.

This radio station was originally set up to take the words of Pramod to those who are asking for it. We proudly invite you to tune into Pramod's celebrated signature show, Manifest your Destiny, which is broadcast everyday, at 8 PM Eastern Time (GMT -5:00), on this radio station. Stay tuned for exclusive excerpts from live recordings of the most recent talks by Pramod, amazingly simple and effective guided meditations, healing chanting of Indian mantras, and much more from our studio in India. Occasionally Pramod also leads live meditations at her residence in India and we are happy to announce that we have started doing live broadcasts of these special events. You can access the live stream by simply tuning in at the scheduled time. Be sure to check out our Broadcast Schedule page to find out the timings of upcoming meditation events.

Also, we are delighted to announce that you can now have absolutely free unlimited access to the archives of all the past episodes of Pramod's radio show! To gain unrestricted access to the complete library of Pramod's lectures and meditations, simply click here.

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