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Robert Chavez, The North Texas Tejano Music Coalition When Hispanic Broadcasting Corp. had their stations in Texas and abroad, the majority of their Formats were Tejano in all of the major Texas markets. Then Univision radio bought out Hispanic Broadcasting which this company's agenda was to phase out Tejano Music. Their actions caused a major challenge to not only to Tejano fans, but to Hispanic activists around this state of Texas and abroad to find a media to get their messages of information and services to their Hispanic community. A service that Univision has failed to produce. It has failed to get out the vote in all elections, local, State, or in the national elections. We have major problems in Educating our children, preparing them for college and being an asset to this community. How has Univision Radio or Television taken this challenge. As for keeping the Hispanic Culture alive, Tejanos have been doing that all of my lifetime and many generations before me. For many Tejanos, we didn't cross the border, the border crossed us many decades ago. Tejano music is our music of Tejas and our lives as Tejanos. Your Univision Corp. may stop playing Tejano, but you can;t stop the Tejano Spirit. It will live forever.

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