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progressive music online from Prog Rock / Metal (PRM) on Live365 Internet Radio
DJ: Will (progman55) Mangold
Location: CHINOOK, MT

AIM: progman55
FIRST -- GO TO and put in some e-requests!!! Music has been a part of my entire life; it has absorbed me. I learned to play the guitar at age 8. Played professionally (rock and roll stuff) in early years of middle and high school - switched to drums which -- I'M NOW ENGROSSED IN AGAIN -- I LOVE PROGRESSIVE ROCK AND PROGRESSIVE METAL MUSIC -- IT PROX!!! It's what you DON'T hear on AM/FM or XM!!! So -- please got to, tune in at your progleisure, and place some e-requests. PROG ON!
Favorite Artists

Dream Theater
They are Kings of Prog Metal and everything else

Pagan's Mind
They are Lords of Metal

They are kings of Prog Rock

Status Minor/Anthriel/Seventh Wonder/Darkwate
HOT bands that rank above so many

HOT Polish band -- many others as well!

Favorite Albums

Dream Theater - Images and Words
The first album with James LaBrie on vocals is just too hard to get out of the head.

Enchant - A Blueprint of the World
Like DT - the first time you hear it, you have it in your head forever.

Pagan's Mind - Celestial Entrance
ALL of their albums actually THESE GUYS PROX!!!

Favorite Broadcasters

Mike Klemmer is a GREAT guy and knows his PROG!

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