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FIRST -- GO TO and put in some e-requests!!! Music has been a part of my entire life; it has absorbed me. I learned to play the guitar at age 8. Played professionally (rock and roll stuff) in early years of middle and high school - switched to drums which -- I'M NOW ENGROSSED IN AGAIN -- I LOVE PROGRESSIVE ROCK AND PROGRESSIVE METAL MUSIC -- IT PROX!!! It's what you DON'T hear on AM/FM or XM!!! So -- please got to, tune in at your progleisure, and place some e-requests. PROG ON!

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GO TO -- WWW.PROGROCKandMETAL.NET to put in your song requests. TUNE IN NOW!!! Broadcasting progressive rock and metal from some of the most intelligent, talented, and creative artists from around the world. Artists include DREAM THEATER, Darkwater, Symphony X, Pagan's Mind, Sonata Arctica, Jadis, IQ, Hourglass, Tomorrow's Eve, Shadow Gallery, Adagio, DGM, AtmOsfear, Pyramaze, Time Requiem, Vanden Plas, ENCHANT, Evergrey, Lalu, Ivanhoe, Transatlantic, Spock's Beard, Circus Maximus, Dreamscape, Lord of Mushrooms, Presto Ballet, Vision Divine, Anthropia, Age of Nemesis, Everwood, Dragonland -- and SO MANY MORE awe-inspiring bands (including indies). You need to listen to appreciate this PROG ROCK/METAL GENRE!!! Go to: `