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alternative music online from DEPECHE MODE INSPIRED on Live365 Internet Radio
Location: Vancouver, Canada

Music Producer and engineer for Pro Soul is an independent, original music record label specializing in progressive r&b / soul, electronica, hip hop, and urban pop / dance music. We have created a significant online music community with music of different styles of artists around the world, with music downloads, videos, games, message boards, and a number of online mp3 radio shows. The first show we did was Urban R&B Trax in 1999, a very cool upbeat soul, hip hop and funk mix, then, we did the first live 24/7/365 radio show dedicated to Depeche Mode. Later in 2000, we put together a wicked Electronica Show, 'E-Trax' with 3 different DJ's, one per hour or so with Trance D&B, and Techno. Then we did Pro Soul Trax, the best original music you never heard from our artists. Some of these have been cancelled. The primary focus of, is to expose great new progressive talent with music people may have never heard, but will want to hear again. So Enjoy!
Favorite Artists

Depeche Mode
what other artist has been making records for 20 years, had almost no major airplay, and yet can still sell out stadiums? No one but Depeche Mode

Nine Inch Nails
World Class Industrial Rock & Roll for the masses

This guy is a soul/funk revolutionary

The king of Trance and now progressive crossover Pop/Electronica

The Prodigy

Favorite Albums

Depeche Mode - The Singles
It was a tough choice between this and the ultimate DM album, Violator, but the singles has more songs, and it's supposed to be a desert island...

Various Artists - Past Becomes Future
Amazign collection of modern versions of classic 80's pop songs

Prince - The Hits/The B-Sides
An awesome progressive soul compilation of classics

Nine Inch Nails - Pretty Hate Machine
Great songs and wicked production and vocals by trent, truly a classic now.

The Crystal Method - Vegas
A ground breaking electronic music album with impeccable production and killer tracks all the way through

Favorite Broadcasters

Hot Urban R&B Trax: a painstakingly compiled mix of upbeat Urban R&B, Hip Hop, Soul, and some old school classics

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