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progressive music online from TRANCELVANIA on Live365 Internet Radio
DJ: Psikick
Location: London, United Kingdom


Good music is hard to find on the terrestrial radio. Everytime I switch it on, it'll last only 10 seconds before I switch it off. So I figured why don't I learn how to broadcast over the internet and in doing so, I'd be providing quality music to people who are in the same position as I am...

And so TRANCELVANIA was born (18th Dec 2001)...

I always loved to broadcast my music and let others out there hear it. As a child I used to record my voice with a background music on a tape and play Top 10 of my Rock music collections to the kids in our family. It was a weekly thing and my cousins loved it.

It still remains a dream for me to develop TRANCELVANIA into something BIG, and hopefully with time, effort and support from listeners I look forward to one day fulfilling this dream...

Favorite Artists

Pink Floyd
The greatest band ever!

The greatest glamour rock band ever!

Jean-Michel Jarre
The GODFATHER of Eletronica!

Deep Dish
Progressive & Deep House at its best!

Led Zeppelin
Vintage Acid Rock at its best!

Favorite Albums

Pink Floyd - Dark Side of the Moon
Welcome To The Dark Side!

Pink Floyd - Wish You Were Here
Blows me away everytime I listen to it. A Masterpiece and one of a kind from start to finish and over & over again.

Led Zeppelin - Physical Graffiti
Led Zeppelin DEFINED!...Truly a great Rock album that gets better as it gets older like wine.

Way Out West - Intensify

KISS - Alive!
Definitely the BEST LIVE album I have ever heard. Glamour Rock Music @ its best. No-one has ever done anything even remotley close to this LIVE!

Favorite Broadcasters

Because it plays the best Vocal House Music you're ever likely to hear these days...A Real Treat!

Rock! Rock! 'Til Ya Drop!

Music thats only heard in dreams. Listen carefully to this beautiful station. I love it!

Brilliant station! Brilliant Broadcaster :)

I Love it!

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