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soft rock music online from Highway 101 on Live365 Internet Radio
DJ: Pete Holden
Location: Cockeysville, MD

I am a teacher by trade, but am also a professional dj with 6 years experience at full service adult contemporary, oldies, and college radio stations. I hand-pick these songs one by one, and it's truly a labor of love. These songs are a mix of the light rock genre and the classic Westcoast sound of the late 70s and early 80s. So you'll hear artists like England Dan and John Ford Coley, but you'll get introduced to bands like Pages and Airplay who set the standard for harmonic pop during the height of the Westcoast era. I truly hope you enjoy the music!
Favorite Artists

Great mellow sound from David Pack's voice makes for some great Adult Contemporary songs!

One of the most important melodic rock bands of the late 70s

Richard Page is one of the most underrated lead vocalists - this band is a great precursor to his days with Mr. Mister.

Robbie Dupree
Haunting vocals make his first 2 albums instant classics, and "Steal Away" is one of the best light rock songs ever

Christopher Cross
Blew through the Grammys like a freight train with his incredible first album - great mellow rock!